holding hands
Malaena did a wonderful job in helping us create our wedding ceremony. She helped us choose beautiful readings and created a ceremony that was unique to each of our spiritual beliefs. It couldn't have been more perfect for such an important and special day!  I had people telling me that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever seen or heard! You really helped to make our day so special and we can't thank you enough.
Sara and Johnny

Now join hands,
and with your hands
your hearts.
William Shakespeare

Thank you so much for officiating at our ceremony. I felt like you truly portrayed our desires and represented us and our family in the ceremony. We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work with us long distance.
Nicole and Shane

Everything was perfect. The ceremony was written to perfection and was quick and personal, just the way we had talked about. I know a few tear ducts opened up with the memories of those closest to me. My mother was proud and very happy. We appreciate everything you did for us.
Jeanie and Dave

wedding kiss

It is great to create your own ceremony! What appealed us most is that your style of planning and affirmation creates a unique ceremony even for those who choose not to marry in a house of worship. Your help with readings and process is imperative. You did a wonderful job!
Julia and Toby
Thanks again Malaena, we had a great day and enjoyed the ceremony immensely... memories we'll long cherish.
Greg and Cate

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